Preclinical study

Sepsis and Septic Shock: Preclinical Studies

Clinically relevant model of porcine sepsis in large animals, n=18. E. coli 4 x109 CFU were infused into each animal over 3 hours. At 2 hours, extracorporeal treatment with either Nucleocapture or sham column (randomized, blinded) was started for 5 hours. A clinical critical care management algorithm was used to maintain physiological parameters as in humans. Shock was significantly attenuated with the use of Nucleocapture as evidenced by reduced lactate rise, total noradrenaline use (11-fold lower vs sham, p<0.01,) and urine output (3 fold higher vs sham, p<0.05). The studies have also confirmed the safety and ease of application of NucleoCapture device.

The results demonstrate a highly significant treatment effect of the NucleoCapture device to achieve shock resolution and improved haemodynamic stabilization.

Marked NET Clearance with NucleocaptureTM up to 95% removed from Plasma

Our preclinical studies of NucleoCapture device in large animals with septic shock have confirmed the removal of NETs lead to significant marked improvement in haemodynamic status and shock resolution.

NETs were quantified in plasma sampled from before and after the Nucleocapture column using ELISA for citrullinated H3 histone-DNA complex.